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Why should I use an answering service?


If you have ever found yourself answering the same solicitor on your business phone for the third time in one day, YOU NEED HALE SERVICES! Constantly being pulled away by incoming calls costs you time and attention.

If your husband, wife or family member is answering your phone, would you pay $15.00 per week so they can stop worrying about missing your important calls? YOU NEED HALE SERVICES!

We can help you take control of your business by giving you more time and letting you focus on making more money!





How will Hale Services save me money?


If you are considering hiring an entry level office employee, consider utilizing Hale Services instead. We can give you immediate telephone relief and eliminate the cost you would incur hiring an employee.

If you already have an answering service, Hale Services' Roll Over Minutes can slash your bill while you receive the superior customer experience we offer!





How can Hale Services help grow my company?


As an answering service, we can get rid of the constant distraction of answering your business phones. This allows you to concentrate your efforts where it counts - profits!

And with Hale Services office administration services, we can help run your office with minimal labor cost on your end.





Why should I choose Hale Services?


With our ROLL OVER MINUTES you won't be counting your answering minutes every month. And you can be assured that when you pay us more, it's because you're being paid more!

We are based in Fort Myers, meaning we know the area and when your callers reach us, they can tell we're local!

As you grow, we get to know your business and your customers, and we go the extra step to help you deliver what is needed to succeed.

We're on a mission to spread superior customer service all over Southwest Florida!


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